HoodSeanCars and Guitars…….they’re like Peanut Butter and Jelly. The NAAM Show in Anaheim, California is the big show for the Music industry much like SEMA is to the automotive industry. Our pal Mike at the Fender Custom Shop asked us to help them style out their NAAM booth this year with some Austin Speed Shop goodies. We’re taking care of the decor and seating, and our friends at Sucker Punch Sallys are building a custom bike to throw in the mix.

Todd got out his paint gun and flamed a 1950 Mercury Hood, Candied a 1932 Grille shell and painted a custom sign on some old tin. Dart stopped by to stripe the flames and put a lick on the grille shell. Sean stitched up a 1960 Cadillac bench seat, some 60’s buckets, a couple Fender Custom Shop Amplifiers and a custom upholstered grille insert for the 32 grille shell. We feel confident that Fender will be pleased…….