Limited Edition Chainstitched Dickies Jacket

Austin Speed Shop, Dickies Work Wear, & Fort Lonesome have teamed up on a killer limited run jacket with some real history! This vintage pattern is part of the Dickies 1922 line made from archival patterns only for this one run! It's made in the Uvalde, Texas factory that has been making Dickies clothing since the 1950s. It's got several neat details including incorporating military style thrity-ligne industro buttons that have been used on army fatigues for decades. Once Dickies assembles the jacket, our friend Kathie Sever at Fort Lonesome uses a vintage chainstitch machine to apply the Austin Speed Shop logo on the back and the great state of Texas on the left chest pocket! Support the nearly lost art of non-digitized, maker-driven, one-of-a-kind stitching done right here in Austin. As an added bonus, for those of you that pre-order and attend the event... Kathie will be setup at the shop during Hotdogs & Hotrods to chainstitch your name on the jacket using her vintage chainstitch machine. Cool! Preorder HERE.