AJT 8875

54 Chevy / Jeff Eber

Many of our projects have a past, some customized in the 50s and 60s and some stalled out projects from other shops. This one was the latter; Jeff brought this project in already chopped with the frame done. Unfortunately, most of the work done previously had to be re-done.

We replaced the Mustang 2 setup in the front and dialed in the suspension, remade the trunk and rear wheel wells, restored all of the rusted out panels on the lower end and then, with the foundation firm, re-did the back of the chop.

We made new sail panels and ditched the sunken stock glass for a 51 Plymouth’s. AccuAir eXo Mount will take care of the air ride control. There will be a lot more massaging in store for the body, so check back often.